"The bottom of society are usually some of the best people."

I come from one of the wealthiest areas in New York; Southampton, Long Island. Here I am in Tompkins Square Park just like with everybody else. I met some of the best people and some of the kindest people here in this park that don't have anything coming from a town that people have everything. You know Mercedes, Ferraris, rich people left and right. I'm poor as a dog. My family has been there for two, three hundred years. My family catered to the rich, you know cleaned swimming pools. mowed lawns, you know that sort of thing. Recently I had a tragedy. My mother passed away and my father sold all the houses that we had and being that I'm a major screwup. I didn't get no money and I had nowhere to live so I came here. I've met a lot of good quality people here, believe it or not. Some alcoholics, drug addicts, regular you know I guess you could say the bottom of society are usually some of the best people. They just got problems like everybody else. So here I am. It's a short story. I'm happy to just be alive.