"I'm free as a bird. Live free assholes"

What made me decide to travel was my first tattoo. On me ankles, Live Free. I decided, oh man, I worked for my dad. I don't know where the fuck I'm going with this. Just to live free. Live your life. Do some fun before you get old and you can't do anything else. Except for raise your family and do your job and do what you need for your family. If you're young enough, do it and live free. I'm free as a bird. Live free assholes. Stop worrying about your life. And give those needy mother fuckers, not me, but him and him and him and keep partying. PTK all day to the day we die. We rolling through your streets with a cardboard sign and a box of wine. Maybe if I was on a scholarship I'd have more to say. I gotta smoke some pot so gimme a blunt please. Send it my way.