"Fuck the police, I got it tattooed on my arm, ha ha."

Last week I got arrested for sitting at the chess tables not playing chess. Now it's a public park and there's twenty only chess tables open. If someone needs to play chess at my table I would have gladly moved. The officer had no right. That's no charge. It's shit. And there's twenty other Yuppies sitting there eating their picnic lunches and they let them all go. They arrest me and two of my friends. It's segregation. To fucking hell with the Yuppies. I grew up here. I'm gonna die here. And hopefully I won't die soon. But I feel like it.

I don't give a fuck about the police. Fuck the police, I got it tattooed on my arm, ha ha, I go where I wanna go. But I think they really disrespected me in my own neighborhood. I was getting arrested daily when Lt. Corcoran was working, I have thirty or more assaulting police officers, two assaulting federal officers, four other assaults, most of my shit is just assault or discon, discon, discon, discon, discon, it is what it is. The EMT's know me, the whole hospital staff knows me, everybody loves me, but I shouldn't be so fucked up, and I wish I could be a better person, it is what it is, I'm me.