"No one's better then the god damn dog."

I'm never good with computers, never good with words, never good with pictures. Just kinda do what I do and I do how I do it.

I need food and water. I need nothing but what I can carry and what has been given by the gift of the earth. The earth gave us everything we need. Either you're too lazy to take it or you're just gonna die. There's no more law. There's no more naturalistic law in this country. What happened to hunting and gathering? What happened to being a human being? What happened to being an animal? We were animals but we think we're better. No one's better then the god damn dog.

This race. I wanna finish last because I want to see everything along the way. I'm a person who's willing to finish last. Fuck the race. There's no big hurry. People just running for an early grave. If you're gonna die you might as well enjoy life.