"I'd just rather sleep under the stars."

I gave it a shot. I did what everyone told me would make me happy. Got an apartment. Got a job. I wasn't happy, so I started traveling. I haven't stopped since. I've been doing it for like six years now. I love it. It's what makes me happy. I've tried to settle down. Can't do it. I'd just rather sleep under the stars.

One of my favorite places I've ever been to is Nicaragua. It was really eye opening. I mean I'm an anarchist. I fucking hate capitalism but as much as I hate this country, after going to a third world country it actually made me appreciate a lot of shit about America that I didn't before. Well you know people live in poverty here in the states but you can still go to McDonalds and get a dollar double cheeseburger everyday. You can still get food stamps. You can still dumpster dive.