"A couple of lumps and bumps."

What happened to my head? We were hanging out here. Hanging out with some younger guys. A couple of them were Spanish. Cats came through calling them spicks and what not. They they made another round through the park and came back through. Threw a bottle at us. I took off. Ran after them. Tackled two of them. There's was like four or five of them. Tackled two of them. Had them from the back, was like kinda trying to smash their face into the ground and I looked up and the dude uh was swinging a BMX bike at me. He hit me like two or three times in the head with a BMX bike. So I got some nice staples here. I got some nice staples in the back. A couple of lumps and bumps. That's pretty much that story you know. Another day on the streets. No doubt.