"Like you'd have to be a complete idiot to go hungry in America."

I came to the city last night after Boston, before that it was Virginia, before that Baltimore and Philadelphia and so on. I travel a lot. Wherever the trains take me. I've been hopping freight trains lately. It doesn't really matter to me. I go on a train and it goes where it goes unless I have somewhere specific I want to be.

I like to eat freegan which means I don't pay for food unless I absolutely have to So I get a lot of food out of dumpsters. I get a lot of my supplies out of dumpsters too. I'll jump like in like a CVS dumpsters if I need like Q-tips or like alcohol pads. I'll jump in a Burger King dumpster if I need food.

I have to say the KFC dumpster in my parents town. That or the chip dumpster in Pittsburgh. It's a chip distributor. They send potato chips and corn chips to like Giant Eagle and stuff. They leave all the extra bags of chips, like unopened bags. Still good, not past the expiration date in this giant dumpster. You can go and get like buckets of chips and stuff. Any kind of barbecue chip or possibly like Hurs barbecue chips.

Midafternoon to late night. Like 711 dumpsters. They usually throw out their breakfast stuff by two or three in the afternoon. So you can get a bunch of egg and cheese on a biscuit and stuff. After Burger King and KFC close they throw out like whatever they have left over. Like huge chicken dinners and stuff. Sometimes if I'm like going on a train I'll wrap-up a box of train food or something. Otherwise I just eat what I can eat at the time, carry it back to wherever I'm camping or squatting, eat it then and then get more the next day. They just keep throwing stuff out, throwing stuff out. Like you'd have to be a complete idiot to go hungry in America.