"I'm not like socially retarded or anything."

Woke up, saw a squat house and tell their buddy is going to jail is going to jail for awhile. We went there last night to do that and then flew a sign today to make money so we can get a bus up to Boston. We're heading up up New Hampshire so we'll take the Chinatown bus up to Boston. My buddies live there. We're gonna hang out in the woods. We've been in the cities too long. I'm over it. Just wanna hang out in the woods with my dogs. I love the woods.

I'm not a good people person you know. A lot of people love talking around people. I've never been good at it. I'm not like socially retarded or anything.

I don't make plans too far ahead. My only plan is I think next year I wanna try and hike down the Mississippi River like from Minnesota all the way down and I want to go up to Alaska and work on a fishing boat.

Technology. If we all still farmed or were hunter gatherers we wouldn't really have polluted the earth or all that stuff so bad. All of us just sorta get drunk and have a good time. The future yeah it does look pretty bleak. Most of just kinda don't want to have anything to do with it. That's why we just hop trains and ignore the stuff that's going on I guess.