"We're probably all gonna die soon anyway."

I'm from Tennessee. I wound up here from curiosity I guess. I travel around. I do what I want. Jesus Christ. Probably done more things then most fifty year old men neck deep in a mid life crisis have done in my short twenty five years.

If I'm not being homeless on purpose and riding trains yeah I'm probably not too different. Like this year I have no idea what I'mm doing. I just roll with the punches.

Nothing good. We're probably all gonna die soon anyway. The damn oil spill it's supposed to kill like two thirds of the worlds oceans. Dio died. Fuck, everything is just going to hell it seems. But it's been like that, fuck since anyone can remember. Nothing. We're killing everything. All we do is breed and take away. Don't give anything back at all. Ever. We'll kill the planet eventually. If the planet doesn't kill us first. I'll do what I do till it happens or I die. I don't want much out of life except to be happy.