"We're all kinda the same."

I used to be in a band. We're on YouTube. You could look up the Vagrants Rejected Youth. And you can see me when I'm fifteen playing the drums in a punk rock band out of Louisville, Kentucky. I'm twenty nine. Rejected Youth is about is about you know we're different then you. Something like that. When you get older you realize you're really not. We're all kinda the same. But Rejected Youth is just a punk song saying like, the lyrics are, please don't look at me, I'm not your friend. Please keep in mind I didn't write anything, I'm just the drummer. Please don't talk to me. You wouldn't understand. I'm not like you and I don't wanna be. You're so cool and cute. now I'm gonna leave. Rejected youth, rejected youth, rejected youth. It was our hit song. Everyone loved it that came to our shows. You don't like us and you're so fake. I can not believe. One day you'll break when you realize that I'm really true. Lies in your eyes and I don't want to be like you. The singer wrote the lyrics. I think they're ok. It's kids stuff.