"They're in a cult man. They're crazy."

Kinda just got out of a situation with my parents, Jehovah's Witnesses. Like a lot of turmoil in the house. I came back here. I have a scholarship to an art school in the city. I figured it would be better to just get out till maybe the school could put me somewhere. I want to be a fine artist, a sculptor and a fine art photography.

They're in a cult man. They're crazy. Jehovah's Witnesses. Fucking horrible. Just judgmental. All about appearances, God's not about that you know. God's love, Jah's love. You have to love everyone unconditional. Unconditional love that's part of my life.

They try and tell me how I need to look. They tell me what I need to do. They tell me what I need to eat. They tell me how to sleep. They tell me everything man. Yeah they basically tell me how to live my life.

Marry a Jehovah's Witness. Be a Jehovah's Witness. Go to church twice a week. Go knock on doors and for the most part just know in your heart that means your salvation and everyone else on the face of this earth that's their salvation and if they don't accept it they're gonna die. I say fuck that.

God's not about tattoos and long hair or like scruffy beards or like ratty clothes, old shoes and shit like that. That's all like pretense to old school teachings. People need to be told like God flourishes in that, he loves it and that's a sin. You can't judge. People need to be set straight on that. They need to be told and taught that's like, you can't do that. You just can't. It's horrible.

I had a nervous breakdown a couple of weeks ago. The past thirty years kinda hit me in the head. I don't know if I can actually honestly answer. If I can imagine what it would feel like to die and still be alive that would be the closest thing I can explain it. It hurts so bad. It still hurts till this day. Everything. It sucks man.