"And the cops ended up giving us a hundred and fifty bucks."

Just turned eighteen and I was working at Panera Bread. Hated my life. Drink beer work, drink beer work. Some train kids came into my town. Got me drunk. And they were like, "you wanna ride the trains?" And I was like, "fuck yeah." I told all my friends. I woke up underneath the bridge the next morning. And fuck I gotta go now. I got to leave my hometown. We sat on train for twelve hours. And we ended up getting caught by a bull cause my friends dog barked. And went to jail. All seven of us. 

And there was a nice nurse that called us boxcar children, like hooked us up, got us out. Brought the prosecutor into the jail to come talk to us. The prosecutor stood up for us in jail. Got the dogs out for free. They gave us like three brown paper bags full of toilet paper, food. And another one of water. And the cops ended up giving us a hundred and fifty bucks. Got rid of my scabies. I ended up better off leaving then I did going in. It's the only time I've been in trouble since I started traveling. It turned out the train wasn't going anywhere for three days. It wasn't going the right way anyways.