"My dogs nuts just dropped."

In Baltimore, we pull up right, we're parked and we've slept almost all night. Then we're like gonna get off right because we see workers and shit, so we dive into the bushes and shit. My dogs nuts just dropped, so he's all about barking when people are walking around and stuff. So I close his mouth and went, "stop it, shhh, thank you for letting me know." So finally we decide it's cool, it's clear so we decide to get back on. Rob throws his shit on and we look down the way and there's a freaking worker. And he's like, "Oh shit." So he totally saw us. So we run back into the bushes. Next thing we know we see this fucking copter coming around. This helicopter and we're like, "oh shit." Wonder what they're looking for. It's like diving right. We run for a bush across the ground, another set of rails to another bush. We look up and we see like you know some cops tromping down. We hear all the footsteps on the rocks and shit. Next thing you know, he's all talking about how cool, how fun it is when the bull is chasing you because it's a high, you get to run. It's not really that fun. It isn't! You know the adrenaline rush is great. But it's not really that fun. We hid, but my dog's barking. So he jumps in the bushes. My dog's barking so they already know where I am so there's no point in even trying to hide. You know like ha. They calm down. They get our id's. Rob's sitting over there in the bushes, just like five feet away, just behind the cops. And I can hear him snap a twig. You know it's like oh my god, really the cops don't hear this. They don't know where he is. I'm holding my dog back. We didn't get tickets or anything. From there we ended up hopping another train all the way here, oh wait all the way over to Pittsburgh. Then we waited in Pittsburgh, but that's a whole other story.