"I'm trying to make twenty dollars. Buy beer."

I'm trying to make twenty dollars. Buy beer. I already got food for today and everything. Three dollars for a forty. Three dollars for a pack of tobacco. And I'm sharing it with my husband. Two of us on it.

I liked it three years ago better when I first got here. The kids. A different group of people and shit. Things were just different. A lot more laid back and stuff.

A lot of junkies. A lot of people doing heroin. A lot. I just drink beer. I don't mind kids who do it. They're kinda of stupid. They leave their dirty syringes around. Fall out, nod out in the park and shit. Fucking have to call the ambulance and all that. The first time I came here three years ago it was better. Each year it just gets worse and worse. All the kids that are just starting to travel now, they're stupid.