"All my money is just going in my arm."

Panhandle for my stupid ass heroin habit. On and off since I was eighteen and I'm thirty years old. Oh its fucked it up pretty good. I've lost a lot of friends. They've all been junkies at one point in their life. Now they're pulling the hypocrite card. A lot of people think and it's true, a lot of junkies are thieves, shady people you know but not all of them are. Sure I've done some shady shit in the past, but I've learned one thing over the years. You don't gotta fuck people over to survive. There's plenty other ways to get by as far as you know getting money for drugs or whatever you know. I've been accused of a lot of shit I haven't done you know. I'm probably gonna end up going to detox here in the next couple of weeks. I'm sick of it. You know it's a full time job. You know you wakeup in the morning. You get straight. You go out and make money all fucking day. Fucking find the dope dealer. Do your dope. Go out, make more money. Fucking find the dope dealer. Do your dope. Go to bed. Wake up. Do it all over again. It's pretty monotonous. You know I've been doing it on and off for twelve, thirteen years. It's getting really old to me. All my money is just going in my arm. That sucks.