"Sorry about your bad luck, bing, bing, bang dude."

I'm just me dude. I'm a kid. I travel the country. I hitchhike. I've been around dude. I've been on the streets since I was ten years old, dude. Hitchhiking cross country since I was sixteen. I used to roll with the Eighteenth Street. I get into fights, I drink. I don't do no drugs. All I do is swirl beer. Occasionally some whisky. I'm thirty two years old now. I had a house with my ex-girlfriend out in Nashville. We broke up so I packed my bag and hit the road.

I love it. I love being out here dude. I love the people I meet. This is my home. These streets are my home. The road is my home. That's all I got. It's good to me sometimes, sometimes it's not. Every once in awhile it's fucked up. Hey everybody goes through their fucked up shit. Everybody gets beat up. Everybody gets jumped walking through ghettos and shit sometimes. You just learn how to take care of yourself. You learn how to take care of business and handle yourself. You act a fool, in this circle of kids that I'm with right now, you act a fool, sorry about your bad luck, bing, bing, bang dude. You're fucked up. You act a fool you get taken care of, you get handled. We're all good kids. We're all real people. We're all just trying to drink and have a good time.